Collarbones Full of Cocoons

by Aghostino

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released September 26, 2007

Paroles et musique Aghostino (Dom, Fro, Oli, Pilou) Enregistré, mixé et masterisé par arnoS au MF'Studio (Nancy ville vieille) entre 2005 et 2007. Sauf "Flehmen" (part II), enregistré par Mr Nerveux. Design et photos Assuntina (L'Oeil du Manul)

Store CD : les Disques du Hangar 221 (dh221-004), 6 titres et deux nouvelles.
Store digital : La version numérique de 2015 contient deux titres bonus.




Aghostino Metz, France

Born in 2004, dead in 2010. We only left one album for the future generations, We'll celebrate its ten years anniversary in a one-shot come-back gig in may 2017. Geezer noise rules.

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Track Name: E(x)pectase
All my soul is suffering
All my flesh is dirty
My entire being is impious
I repress my desire
Lonely in my cell

Scourge myself
In my cell
Scourge myself
I’m in hell

Godskin has never been
As warm as sweet as yours
As cold as stifling as now
Lying on this ground
Lying in this blood
My blood

You'll sponge the semen
The blood and the rest
You will sponge it
With our sheets

God skin
God, your skin
Oh, my God, your skin
Am I really gone ?

Out of frock robe
My whole lifetime skin
Days of devout
Taken back to HQ

Pay the light I desire and fight
Whisper my fate
With sperm my faith
Found the beast and
Killed in its shell
I was this shell
I was this shell
Erecting my straightness stone-like
Angelize my damned evil side
Payed sin throught light
Well, payed you for light
Lord how could I guess I
Payed to be aspired from an angel's vagina to god's womb ?

I need this maze to see the light

So here's the holy light i've waited for lifetime
In you the holy light rejected for lifetime
So here's the holy light rejected for lifetime
In you the holy light i've waited for lifetime

Lifetime straight as a poker. One error. To the letter.
Track Name: Ladyrinth
I get messed by the Ladyrinth's test
"Find me", she said,
I turned right as a first step
Two choices later
Found the dead end of doubt
Have to step back

I felt blessed
Jumping over what i guess
Must be god's bodybag
Or just a puddle
Well i'm lost anyway
I thought i'd find her
Here just hides my own body

I get messed by the ladyrinth's test
"Find me", she said,
5 branches of this crossroad
I found her in none
I can't even fold
My knees anymore

But the sound
Of my blood's getting fluider
I can't be wrong she's round here
I spent my whole
Night waiting for sleep
Now in the daylight,
Remind me what i’m waiting for?

How far am i supposed to watch
Behind this almost all arms
Turned Mona Lisa
Excuse me, Lady,
Can you please turn your head over?

No! Step back
Messed once again

Homemade logic radiotracking
"Keep on searching for me too far, mazeter"
Damned/and you don't hide here neither
Track Name: Flehmen
Smell her, I'm late
Sweat her, I'm fake
Whisper my hate
Sweet heart you wouldn't be spared

Wet pavement, glows of lights
Urban fraternity
On the wall standing in the night
Scans the desert city

Pro-oestrus calls and pleasant scents
He's got a roving eye
She can feel him in the distance
She's bound to be his prize

He feels so proud

Don't wait
Please don't wait away
Track Name: Djamolidine
Go straight to break your ego
Go straight to break your ego
Accelerate to break your ego
Itching bugs under your skin

Million butterflies

Now you know why
Your buds of shred
Galleries in your collarbones
Full of cocoons

And you're rid of these old itches under your skin
Rid of these old itches under your skin

Million butterflies

Don't stray off, turn off, barricades!
Don't stray off, turn off, don't wait please!

Go straight to break your ego
Go straight to break your ego
Accelerate to break your ego
Itching bugs under your skin
Track Name: Poisson Sky
Dead fish floats upon the pavement
I've got not to drive on it and the voice still says :
"Why don't you slow down, boy ?"

Driving fast
To overtake people and catch 'em singing alone
No one's louder than me, well
No one more alone
Than me


Pay attention
He's gonna speak so loud
No talking silence,
Grandiloquence, emphasis
Track Name: Um
"I complain
I can't bear"

Bank is on fire
Nobody can bear his pain assigned
All in my department, the exchange queue
Do they know the weight of other griefs ?
How do they know ?
They complain

"How many cancers to reach for the bereavement of a wife ?"
"Any um-ending cock syndrome but my half burnt face"
In the complains

Bank's on fire and behind my office
I will agree converting pains for the so sure they live the worst.

"Please what strength
What strength phobies
What strength
What strength headache
For life without headache
For life without phobies
Carry it out,
Please carry it out now"
Track Name: Pimlico (Bonus)
Sparse traffic noises bouncing
On the walls of locked shops
The Duke's playing just for me
Ellington's special guest
But I'll sleep on the ground anyway
Newbie in this / the sleeping city crowd

I walk without aim in this city
Brightness of the street light
Is getting me so dizzy

I talk with big complexity
My words are so disjointed
I splutter, spit and stutter

I'm paranoid and I panic
I feel people's gaze on me
I suffer from delusion

French fries, jazz jams do still taste the same
Ten years from last chapter conclusion
French fries, jazz jams do still feel the same
Ends again, starts again
Stand the price to pay again

A promise carried by late summer jazz
I still have to figure out the when
A promise carried by Sunday night jazz
I'm here now, where, one day,
I will find you